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Nick and Denise 2An integral part of Walking Awake’s ministry is to enable opportunities for others to deepen their innate connection with Nature, and to explore the wisdom within the sacred spaces of ancient sites, myth, history, the individual and collective journey, and the land we walk upon.  

Denise and Nick creatively weave these treasures together blended perfectly with a mix of music, poetry and story within all of Walking Awake’s events throughout the US and the UK.  

Denise and Nick enjoy traveling and meeting new people and are happy to create the perfect customized workshop, guided walk, retreat, or pilgrimage for you and your community. See below for examples of Walking Awake’s past workshops. Contact Denise today to begin a conversation regarding the many exciting possibilities of how Walking Awake can bring our workshops to YOU!  

Examples of past Walking Awake Workshops:

Walking Awake in Nature Weekend Workshop:

Mikes-Iona-Photos-1012 workshops retreats kirkridge retreat center pa denise crawnCome spend the weekend  with Denise Crawn and “remember” how to “Walk Awake”. There is an old saying: You can’t see the forest for the trees.” Denise will take you to that forest both figuratively and literally; a primal place that offers a feeling of magic, remembrance, of not being alone, and of being connected with something larger than the human mind can envision. Based upon her book, “Walking Awake: The Faces in Nature” and her own deep connection with nature, Denise will share her ability to see and sense things that others might miss along the wooded path or on a crowded city street.

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We have all seen faces and shapes in nature, for example in clouds, flowers and trees. Together we will step into wonder and explore the beauty and mystery of such encounters. Are they messages or signs? Are they communication from God, a reflection of a Universal Consciousness, or simply just “there?”

This retreat will be held both indoors and outdoors and will include using our natural instincts and awareness in our everyday surroundings. We will learn to use our closeness to nature as a spiritual practice, grounding our spirit in our connection to and oneness with the natural world. We will be helped in this reconnecting to our roots through Denise's photographs of Nature Beings. There will be group conversation, reflection on quotes from well-known people and from sacred texts, individual quiet time, guided walks, meditation, creative play, music and more.

This weekend is designed to help us to re-claim a sense of wonder! Bring your journals, cameras, sketch pads, imagination and weather appropriate apparel.


2019 Walking Awake Workshops

DSC 0282 2

Walking Awake: 

Harvesting the Messages from Nature 

*This is a past Walking Awake Workshop. If you would like Walking Awake to bring a workshop similiar to this one to your location, please contact Denise.


Friday, August 2nd - Sunday, August 4th, 2019 at Kirkridge Retreat Center, Bangor, PA USA - led by Denise Crawn.


If you love trees, stones and being in Nature, this retreat is for you!

Join Denise for a memorable weekend at Kirkridge Retreat Center nestled on top of the Kittatinny Mountain Range in Northeast Pennsylvania, USA. 

It’s summer time on the mountain, Nature is in full bloom and August 1st marks the Celtic observance of Lughnasadh, a celebration of the year’s first harvest.

Nature’s gifts abound…can you see them? Nature is communicating with us all the time…are you present enough to receive the messages? Are you ‘walking awake’? 

During this weekend we will expereince ways to connect more deeply to the natural world that surrounds us and explore how to harvest the gifts available to us through our innate relationship with Nature. 

With a focus on Nature and a touch of Celtic Spirituality this weekend on the mountain will provide a balanced blend of group gatherings, guided walks and meditations, rituals and activities, story, poetry, and song.  In addition, there will be plenty of opportunity for individual free time to rest or to explore the many wooded trails at Kirkridge and neighboring Columcille Megalith Park with its over 90 Standing Stones.

On Saturday, August 3rd, there will also be the option of attending Columcille’s Lughnasadh Celebration. 

Be sure to bring your camera, journal, sketch pad, drum, rattle, and of course, your love of Nature! 

Cost $425 includes double occupancy room, board and tuition

Contact Janet Lewis at Kirkridge to register: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Denise Crawn is the owner of Walking Awake, LLC, author of "Walking Awake: The Faces In Nature" and creator of several inspirational card decks. An ordained Interfaith Minister through One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, NYC, Denise's ministry is expressed through her photography, book, cards and events, all of which focus on becoming more aware, awake and fully present through our interconnection with the spirit of Nature. Her deep-rooted relationship with Nature began as a child when she would join her father and brothers hunting and fishing. No longer a hunter, she remains forever an outdoors woman with a keen eye for tracking and a gift for reading Nature’s hidden messages. Once upon a time (not so long ago)…a real-life Circle of Standing Stones nestled in the woods at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountain range (Columcille Megaith Park) in her former home state of Pennsylvania called her to visit the tiny Hebridean Island of Iona, Scotland. Ten year’s later on her way back to Iona, she met her husband on a ferry and so began their “Ferry Tale” come true. Denise now resides in Scotland with her husband, Nick Prance. Together they lead workshops on both sides of the pond and pilgrimages to sacred sites in the UK with the intention of helping others connect to their inherent relationship with Nature and the Divine within and around. 


2018 Walking Awake Workshops:

Awakening the Spirit: Celtic Wisdom for Today

Friday, October 26th, 2018 - Sunday October 28th, 2018

at Kirkridge Retreat Center, Bangor, PA USA

Co-led by Denise and Nick Prance


*This workshop is now complete. If you would like to be notified about our upcoming workshops and other events, please join our mailing list. Sign up Here!

11214343 1025795427444470 3935967516674150842 nOne of the many stunning views at Kirkridge Retreat Center

Join us for a memorable fall weekend at Kirkridge Retreat Center nestled on top of the Kittatinny Mountain Range in Northeast Pennsylvania, USA.

The weekend will offer a balanced mix of structured group gatherings, opportunity to participate in guided activities, time in nature, poetry, music, a drum circle, and individual free time to rest or explore the many wooded trails at Kirkridge and neighboring Columcille Megalith Park with its over 90 Standing Stones.

Together, Denise and Nick will weave the historical and mystical connections of Kirkridge, Columcille and the tiny Hebridean Isle of Iona with aspects of Celtic Spirituality that surrounds us in our everyday lives.

Structured group gatherings will include information and discussions on Celtic Spirituality (then and today), aspects of the Celtic New Year including honoring of the ancestors, setting of intentions, and what constitutes 'healing' along with informational sessions regarding the history and mysteries of the connections between Kirkrid14925709 10155390199264606 6028237217185552984 nDenise leading a walk at Kirkridge and Columcille in 2016. ge, Columcille and Iona.

Opt-in guided activities may include the following:

• Early morning guided meditations.

• A guided ‘walking awake’ tour through parts of Kirkridge and Columcille connecting history and story to the mountain and Iona integrated with a focus on seeing the ‘unseen’ and Divine in Nature.

• A Labyrinth walk/meditation using the lessons of the Celtic Spiral.

12309672 10204962283324827 4340780571047210793 oThe Labyrinth at Kirkridge

• A guided drumming meditation. Also, an evening Drum Circle.

• Opportunity to attend Columcille’s Celtic New Year Celebration amongst the torchlit

Standing Stones on the Saturday evening. 

3082 1074955042122 3500340 nThe Circle of Standing Stones at Columcille Megalith Park


IMG 1208A Torchlit Thor's Gate at Columcille Megalith Park 


Addition14976370 1589492787743530 2358299479829766607 oally, there will be plenty of opportunity to choose alone time to wander amongst the trails and standing stones, journal or 'just be'. 

Be sure to bring your love of Nature and your curiosity about Celtic Spirituality, Columcille, Kirkridge and Iona.

Denise (Crawn) Prance is a former Kirkridge employee, Columcille Board Member and resident of the mountain now residing in Scotland with her husband, Nick. Owner of Walking Awake, LLC, Denise is an ordained Interfaith Minister, author of "Walking Awake: The Faces In Nature", and creator of several inspirational card decks. Denise's ministry and love of nature is expressed through her photography, book, cards and events which focus on becoming more aware, mindful and awake through our innate connection with Nature and our relationship with the Divine in, and around us. Since her discovery of Columcille in 1996 which inspired her first visit to Iona in 2003, she has enjoyed visiting and exloring sacred sites and delving deeper into Celtic myth and history.  

Nick was born in the north of Ireland, raised in Liverpool, and has lived in Scotland for the last 16 years. During that time, he lived on Iona for three years working for the Iona Community helping to organize and run the program for the many guests who came on pilgrimage and retreat. He also joined the Iona Community as a member at that time. Following a career working within the Mental Health services and training for the Anglican ministry, Nick has been exploring Buddhism, seeing it as a helpful way of engaging compassionately with the human condition and the nature of suffering. Now mostly retired, Nick currently spends his time alternating between walking in the wild and beautiful spaces of Scotland and enjoying the inner child by playing as often as possible with his four young grandchildren!

10528366 10202698725297291 5962519383004759789 oDenise and Nick at Columba's Bay, Isle of Iona, Scotland

As a couple: Nearly five years ago, Denise and Nick met on a ferry while each were traveling to the Isle of Iona, Scotland. In October 2016 they were married in Scotland surrounded by family and friends. A 'ferry-tale' happily ever after indeed! Over the past five years, they have traveled together throughout Scotland, England and Wales visiting standing stones and ancient sites and loving every moment of it! As co-leaders they bring together an eclectic mixture of backgrounds including everything from trainings in ministry, theater, mental health, shamanism, mindfulness, as well as their love and connectedness to poetry, story, music and nature. Nick and Denise enjoy sharing these treasures, passions and adventures with others as they lead and co-lead workshops, retreats and pilgrimages on 'both sides of the pond'.

Cost for the weekend retreat is $425.00 which includes double occupancy room, meals and workshop tuition. *A $200.00 deposit will hold your place.

To register, contact Janet Lewis registrar at Kirkridge Retreat Center at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 2016 Walking Awake Celtic New Year Retreat at Kirkridge 2016 Walking Awake Celtic New Year Retreat at Kirkridge


Walking Awake will come to YOU!...

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Walking Awake offers a variety of retreats and workshops at various locations throughout the US and UK. We love to travel for book signings, guided walks in nature, workshops, and retreats. For more information contact Denise.

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